13 Essential Ice Fishing Gear [Checklist]

Fishing on your weekend or a vacation is undoubtedly so much fun. If this is in winter, you will enjoy the day in a way you never did. Ice fishing is adventurous, interesting and full of fun.

But it is tough to get fish in ice without having the proper ice fishing gear in your baggage.

Ice fishing requires some special kinds of equipment that you won’t see in other fishing types. People normally have very little knowledge about this equipment and that’s why you will find lots of reviews and suggestions for ice fishing gear online.

Well, we wanted to make a proper guideline regarding the ice fishing gear. With 13 most necessary ice fishing gears, we tried to make this writing fruitful, unlike anything you will find on the internet.

Some Ice Fishing Gear That You Should Get while Ice Fishing:

1. Ice Fishing Rod

Ice fishing rod is completely different from any other casting rod. This rod is not long as other types. This is quite short and can easily be controlled from the boat. This size is perfect for ice fishing as you just need to drop the bait in a hole.

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There is very little chance that the rod will fall down to the hole. Length is not the only criterion that determines the quality of an ice fishing rod. You must have to select the rod considering the fish type for which you are taking the rod.

Well, in this situation, you have to consider the rod’s material, action, length, etc.

2. Ice Fishing Reel

A fishing rod without a reel is nothing for good. You have to buy a fishing reel that is specially made for hard fishing. The ice fishing reel is different from regular reels and the reason is the grease on it.

In cold weather, regular grease won’t provide the service that you need to spin it. The ice fishing reel has grease that can be suited in cold weather.

If you are concerned about the size, our suggestion is to get an oversize reel. It will be helpful to spin the handle easily while wearing gloves.

3. Ice Fishing Auger

Without an auger, ice fishing is impossible because you need to dig the ice to put the bait. You don’t need to think much about an auger. You will easily find many models in the gear shop, starting from manual to motor auger.

If you are planning to go to an area where ice is thin, you can do your job with a manual model. If you think the ice is thick and it will be tough to dig ice, go for the motor-driven one. You will get lots of models. Take the one that is good for you.

4. Ice Fishing Tip-Up

Ice fishing tip is another crucial stuff for hard fishing. This is a lever-driven piece that you basically place on the ice and set the rod with it up. This is a very simple but useful thing.

When you go away from the rod, this stuff will let you know that a fish just bite. Actually, this is a visual alarm that lets you know that it’s time to pull the line out. If you have an ice fishing tip-up, you can set up multiple rods at a time.

5. Ice Fishing Bibs

Keeping yourself dry will be the most challenging thing in ice fishing and that’s why you can’t go ice fishing without fishing bibs. This stuff helps to keep the angler dry and warm as it is waterproof.

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There are hundreds of models of bibs in the market and everyone is offering the ultimate qualities like 100% waterproofness, perfect fitting, etc. But it is true that you won’ get the proper one very easily. So, spend time for this and get a bib even before leaving your house for fishing.

essentials ice fishing gear
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6. Ice Fishing Jacket

You should be prepared for the harsh situations in the ice field. There will be cool and windy weather that makes the day tough for you. Only proper wearing can save yourself in this situation.

Find a jacket that is completely waterproof and can make the inside warm. There are so many models in the market. You are free to choose one. Pick one that is coated, waterproof, quilted, and bodywarmers.

7. Ice Fishing Lures

This is fun to attract the fishes with colourful lures. Like any other fishing, ice fishing also requires proper baiting and you have to buy a lure for that. How you will select the lure totally depends on the fishing species that you are taking the lure for.

Different fishes are attracted by different types of lures. So, the best thing to do is to keep a lure of different sizes, shapes and colors. Try one after one until you get the right lure for the fish.

8. Ice Fishing Line

This is very obvious that the ice fishing line will be different from other fishing lines. Coldwater makes it hard and it is very easy to cut off the line. The manufacturers keep this in mind and produce the ice fishing line with different formulas.

These lines are suitable for handling cold weather and can handle strong bites of fish. Most of all, the line should be sustainable so that you don’t need to buy it again soon.

9. Ice Fishing Shelter

If you are thinking of going on an ice fishing trip for days, you have to get shelter. This is tough to survive even in a single night without proper shelter. You will find so many shelters depending on several sizes, materials, and thermal insulating properties.

You should choose a shelter considering the weather of your destination. If it’s the beginning of the winter, you can take a shelter that is cheap. But getting a shelter for extremely cold weather is expensive.

10. Ice Fishing Rod Holder

This is impossible to hold the rod through a day in your hands. This will make you tired and ultimately, your fishing trip will fail. So, you have to buy a fishing rod holder that will hold your rod throughout the trip.

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There are different types of rod holders depending on one different mounting system. You can even get a holder along with the tips-up. It will save you money a lot. No matter which one you choose, you have to get one for sure.

11. Ice Fishing Rod Case

Suppose you are travelling to a distant place for ice fishing, set up your shelter and unload all the stuff you may need for fishing. What will happen if you get your rods broken this time? It will be nothing but a whole waste of money and time. So, you should get a rod case to keep all the rods.

A rod case can protect your rods from any kind of trouble, no matter how bad the road is. So, getting a rod case will definitely be a fruitful investment.

12. Underwater Ice Fishing Camera

Getting an underwater camera will take your ice fishing to another level. As we always said, you have to select the tip, lure, line, rod, etc., considering the fish’s species.

An underwater camera can help you the most in this task. You can see clearly what is going on under the ice and set up your arrangements according to the situation. There are a wide variety of underwater ice fishing cameras. So, you will easily get a good one.

13. Ice Fishing Gloves

Many people wear a full cover jacket, bib, tactical ice boots, etc., except a pair of comfortable gloves. This is the worst decision. You won’t even touch your stuff with your bare hands after a few times on the ice. So, don’t forget to get a pair of warm gloves. It will keep you dry and comfortable to deal with your gears.

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Bottom Line

The ice fishing time is almost here and it’s time to prepare yourself with proper gear. You will get the suggestions of getting so many gears for ice fishing. But, believe us. You will be able to make your ice fishing trip successful just by the 13 gears we have suggested above.

This article is based on our real-life experience. If you buy gears following this checklist, you will come back to thank us again.

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